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1 | Business & Finance homework help


For this assignment, you will interview an accountant to learn more about the field and how financial statements and information are utilized to make important managerial decisions.
Refer to “Informed Consent Letter.” You should present the Informed Consent Letter to the person you intend to interview.
Potential Interviewees: CPAs in public practice, commercial loan officers at financial institutions, comptrollers or chief accountants at local firms, financial planners, investment advisors, or small-business owners.
Once you have identified a candidate, contact the person to set up an appointment. You may conduct your interview in person or via phone.
Prepare a list of at least 5-7 questions for your interview. Your questions should focus on the usefulness and limitations of using financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, to analyze a firm. Remember that professionals have many commitments so try to schedule your interview well in advance of the assignment’s due date.
After you complete the interview, write a reflection (750-1,000-words) on what you learned in the interview. Address the following in your response:

  1. What are the most valuable things you learned about utilizing financial statements to analyze a firm?
  2. What, if any, are the significant limitations of using financial statements for analysis?
  3. What other information is important for making managerial accounting decisions?
  4. What did you learn about the field of managerial accounting that might help you to excel in your profession?

Provide an interview summary at the end of your reflection that includes the following information:

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Tech Tools To Help You Run Your Business Efficiently


In 2019, workplace efficiency increased by 1.2% in the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us.
Specifically, total hours worked grew by 1.2% and total output saw a 2.4% increase. The likely reason behind this impressive improvement in business productivity? The widespread adoption of cutting-edge workplace technology. Smart tech tools, including time tracking software, concentration tools, digital dictation, document collaboration tools, and invoice and accounting software can help ensure you stay productive and manage your business as efficiently as possible.
 Time tracking software 
Time tracking software allows you to manage projects with greater accuracy. It essentially lets you track and manage employee time, expenses, and res — all in one place. In particular, time tracking experts at Journyx say one of the biggest benefits of this software is that it helps you better understand the true cost of your projects. IT projects typically go 45% over budget, 7% over time, and therefore only deliver 56% of their estimated profits. With time and project tracking software, however, you can track past projects, important data, and budget milestones to more accurately predict the cost of future ones. Changes to your project can be made accordingly and the risk of overspending or losing profit is therefore reduced.
 Focus tools

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2020


Why do we need a website? The foremost important reason is that you simply have ownership and control of the content on your website. Having an internet site also helps you increase your business credibility, build your business, better promote your business, and reach a wider audience. In today’s digital world it’s important to remain connected to your clients and business associates, and an internet site will be a crucial part of that effort. Read more Web Design Companies – How To Choose The Right One For Your Business
Reasons to Own a Business Website:
Your Customers Expect It
Taking upon the time, your tech-savvy customers expect you to possess a web site to seek out more information about your business. As for you, your website can facilitate your generate business, increase brand recall value, promote goodwill ahead of consumers and target market, still as deliver strong marketing messages.
Consider it this manner, your website delivers your marketing message 24 hours, twelve months during a year! other than e-commerce websites, most professional websites are information-oriented and take a look at to unravel visitors’ pain points.
 Offers Social Proof
Customer behavior is driven mostly by what others should say about your business. No matter, if your brand is rated 5-star on review sites, people expect to work out your website to induce more information about the brand.
Since prospective buyers are already searching for you online, including customer testimonials on your site could be a good way to impress potential buyers and supply social proof.
 Control the Narrative

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6 Ways To Incorporate SEO While Building A Business in 2020


There’s no quick fix, or “one and done” solution when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). You have to be prepared to play the long game to see the full advantages of SEO when developing a site — and it’s worth it to see your site rank highly on search engine result pages.

That said, there are some methods that will give you a quick boost. Shift more attention to the most significant ranking factors and tactics that will give your site the ability to rise to the top of the search results this year.

Choose a Responsive Design

User experience is a big deal these days. Google loves to serve its users the best results possible. If your website isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, you’re going to suffer a setback in ranking. Think about it, have you ever landed on a site where you had to zoom in to read the text and scroll side-to-side to read all of the content? This was most likely the desktop version of a website. It was made for larger screens and doesn’t reformat to fit on different screen sizes.

Responsive sites will resize images and reorganize the blocks of content according to the size of the screen. If you want to test whether a website is responsive, open up a web page on a desktop or laptop. From the full screen, shrink the window by clicking and dragging, and you’ll see the sidebars move, the navigation and header will take on new positions and the content and images will line up differently. 

Mobile search volume accounts for more than half of the total searches made online (see chart below). A responsive, mobile friendly site is no longer an option, but a necessity, when it comes to providing an enjoyable user experience.

Create Keyword Clusters

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Why Every Business Should Hire AI Consulting Firms


Due to technological advancement, the way of doing business has changed a lot in today’s time. It has increased the importance of data to a great extent as it is crucial for the success of any business in today’s competitive world. Different firms are now making use of AI consulting firms to make the best use of data to maximize their customer value.
With the help of AI consulting, it is now possible for different organizations to use machine learning tools, AI technology, and deep learning to provide effective solutions to their customers. It helps to manage the data in an effective manner to produce better results in the market. Here are a set of reasons why every business should hire AI consulting firms:
Use Data Effectively
Data enjoys a very high value in today’s time but only if it is utilized in a proper manner. In today’s time, one can easily gather data for different purposes but it is not possible for every organization to use it effectively.
For this purpose, it is mandatory to hire AI consulting firms to produce effective solutions in any field of work. AI consulting firms make use of effective algorithms and AI techniques to produce effective results for any business firm.
Prepare Better Marketing Strategies
As mentioned above, the use of data can make a big difference if utilized well. Hence, every firm must collect refined data with the help of an AI consulting firm to prepare better marketing strategies. Since the competition in the market is increasing on a large scale, it is imperative for every business to come with effective marketing strategies with the help of available data.
Improve Customer Service

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy


It’s a sad fact is that most companies don’t have a planned digital marketing strategy. They just go by the seat of their pants, doing a little here and a little there. But, if you develop a proper digital marketing strategy, you can avoid a lot of issues and create a more integrated marketing approach.
Here are 7 reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy.
1. Provides Direction and Focus
You’ve heard the saying that if you try to drive somewhere without knowing where you’re going, you won’t ever get there. Your marketing needs a goal and a plan to get to that goal, taking steps that you know work or testing steps to find out if they work.
2. Promotes a More Focused Brand Voice
When you have a plan, you can ensure that all your marketing materials (including images, content, and voice) match your brand. When you’re doing things at the last minute, it may not match. Having a plan is always a better approach to help spread awareness of your brand.
3. Assists with Developing a Strong Value Proposition
When you take the time to plan out your marketing strategy, it’s a lot easier to maintain your value proposition throughout all the different platforms.
4. Helps You Get to Know Your Audience Better
quais são as estratégias de marketing digital, you need to do your research so that you get to know your audience better. Plus, you will check your stats more often, which will help you get to know your audience even better and how they respond to different offers.
5. Better and More Effective Marketing Integration

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The 10 Techniques Regarding Moving Business Simply A Handful Of People Know


There are actually moving from an apartment certain things you can do to make certain that your relocation is actually as secure as feasible, however people you choose will essentially be the ones accountable of making sure that everything operates effortlessly. It’s significant to choose a company that is going to go the added mile to bring in sure your action goes as effortlessly as possible since of this.
Move-in time is commonly less than a hr, but also for several companies, that final hours in the door company is vital. You operate the threat of having a poor adventure if you tap the services of an individual that does not give that kind of assistance. That is actually due to the fact that service could be put off or mishandled as well as consequently, you might discover that there is actually a problem when you get there.
An example of a provider that supplies excellent door-to-door solution is actually Cajun Movers. When you hire all of them to manage your step, they’ll carry out the very same point that you will anticipate from various other companies: get the boxes out of the property, offload them from the trucks, as well as load packages. They carry out everything in a dependable way, which makes their consumers pleased and their clients fulfilled.
As you may envision, that is actually not consistently the situation. Some moving business will take the time to do regimen upkeep to ensure the protection of every person that is actually associated with the move. These feature seeing to it that your moving truck is actually loaded correctly, possessing a person monitor the house as it is actually being actually moved, as well as seeing to it that the relocating trucks are in top situation before relocating time.

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We Tell You exactly ABout Business loans for startups


Searching for startup company loan? Find out how and the best place to apply to create your online business plan in movement.

If you’re thinking about beginning a business that is new you’re not by yourself. In modern times, metropolitan areas across Canada are becoming hubs for startups, attracting skill from near and far. While there’s lots of creativity on offer, not totally all startups allow it to be past their first several years. One of the biggest issue startups have a tendency to face is certainly not gaining access to adequate funds due to their company plans.

You may get capital for a startup in a number of other ways, and selecting the proper type of loan to have your organization going could be a process that is daunting. This guide provides understanding of your options, assisting you to find the one that is best to your requirements.

Could I get company loan as a startup?

Yes you are able to, even though it may be hard to get authorized as your business hasn’t produced much income yet. Many lenders have minimum revenue that is monthly in addition to company age demands, nevertheless there are many more and more loan providers providing loans to startups every year. You’ll likely need certainly to look to a nontraditional loan provider, since banking institutions seldom provide loans to startups.

How exactly does a startup loan work?

Startup loans work like virtually any other company loan: your organization borrows cash, then repays it plus interest and charges over a collection time period.

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Quality Brand: 7 Key Tips for Branding Your Business Online


In early human civilization, a brand referred to the distinctive mark given to livestock by their owners. But it’s safe to say branding has changed throughout millennia.

A quality brand is now far more than a recognizable logo. It’s an experience. And if you know how to build a positive one, you’ll cultivate faster growth, more customer conversions, and deeply loyal fans. 

Ready to build a quality brand online? It’s easier than you may think. Let’s look at some foundation-level branding practices to get your business started off on the right foot.

1. Find Your Niche

Competition is always present, even in new and emerging industries. That’s why it’s important to know how you’ll differentiate your company at the onset. 

Finding the right niche doesn’t require a stroke of luck. It’s an extremely data-driven decision that starts with your target audience. When you know what appeals to your average customer, you can integrate these qualities into your online brand image.

A quality brand won’t please everyone — and it shouldn’t try to. If your company sold knives, you would use a different persona to market your products to home cooks versus professional chefs.

Espouse values that click with your target audience and they’ll come to you — not the other way around.

2. Get Social

Social media platforms have become mouthpieces for companies large and small. This is an opportunity to engage your fans with a genuine human presence.

And since it’s an informal medium, your company has more flexibility with the style and content of your brand messaging. You don’t have to look beyond the success of Wendy’s Twitter account to verify that.

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REvil Ransomware operators to auction stolen data from US law firms


REvil Ransomware operators to auction stolen data from US law firms

The ransomware group has targeted sensitive data of law firms from the past six months

The operators of the REvil Ransomware group have managed to wreak havoc by stealing the data of two US-based law firms. REvil has set up an auction on the dark web where buyers can bid to access the stolen data. According to media reports, more than seven cases of ransomware attacks on law firms have occurred in the past six months.

Most of these attacks are being traced back to the REvil gang — also known as Sodin and Sodinokibi — which is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operation. The ransomware operation breaches corporate network using spam, remote desktop services and exploits. Then, it quietly spreads laterally through the company stealing unencrypted data from exposed servers.

Once access to the domain controller is achieved, the operators deploy the ransomware to encrypt all the computers on the network. The operators then demand ransom, usually in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The REvil operators also have a data leak site used to publish sensitive stolen information if the ransom isn’t paid. They have also begun to auction the stolen data on the site to the highest bidder.


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