Small business gift guide 2020

Barney Wallcott / November 26,2020

Use this small business gift guide to help support amazing entrepreneurs this holiday season.
I’ve always been a cheerleader for small businesses. I’m always amazed at the creativity I see and ingenious ideas that come from creative small business owners. 
But now more than ever…2020 is a critical year for small businesses. So many of them have been hit hard, and this time of the year can be a “make or break” time for their businesses. If you are able to purchase from these small businesses, I know that each and every one of them will be so appreciative. I also know that these businesses are high-quality and you will LOVE the products you get from their beautiful shops. 
And don’t forget – once you purchase and receive your products, don’t forget to leave them a glowing review!
Small business gift guide:

Hortiki Plants
I just love the uniqueness of this shop and the fact that everything is packaged and displayed so well. I realllly want to buy the kids gardening kit – what a great hands on learning experience for them!
Shop Hortiki Plants on Etsy here

The Festive Farm Co.
My sweet friend Allison is the owner of the Festive Farm Co. I have been a customer of her business on numerous occasions and I am always impressed by the quality of the items that I’ve bought and also the care that she puts into her shop (and your order). The ornaments are so beautiful and perfect for gifting, and the boxes are an amazing way to mail some love. You will love her shop!
Shop The Festive Farm Co. here

Kismet Lifestyle Co.
Another small business that I love and have personally shopped! This shop has beautifully hand-drawn images that are put onto bags, tea towels, mugs, shirts…and my favorite: my weekly magnetic meal planner. I know the owner of this shop and she’s just the sweetest. She puts a lot of pride in her work and it shows! Kismet Lifestyle Co. is a newer company (but you’d never know it) and I’d love to show them some support this holiday season. I am showing items from their winter and floral collections here, but they have more on their site (especially for the dog lover in your life!):
Shop Kismet Lifestyle Co. here

Corabelle and Bree:
Oh my goodness these knit creations are just beautiful! There’s also patterns in her shop if you’re interested in that! But I just know my girls would love these cute and cozy pieces, and they would really make beautiful gifts!
Shop Corabelle & Bree on Etsy here

Frères Branchiaux
I cannot wait to buy candles from this shop! It’s run by three brothers, and I just can’t get over their success and entrepreneurial gifts. I’ve also heard that their handmade hand poured small batch soy candles are amazing – and I love that they give back to charity as well.
Shop Frères Branchiaux here

FD Market:
FD Market is local to me and I know the family that owns it – they have such a beautiful business and products! I personally own items from their shop (like that counter composter) and can vouch for the quality of the items from their shop. I also love how they put people and the planet over profits…they’re just doing such a great job! If you’re local to me, make sure you check them out in person. And if you’re not – they ship their products too!

Ecovibe Style:
I have personally bought from this store, and MAN I wish I lived closer to Portland so I could shop in their store! Their stuff is high-quality and I’ve been so happy with everything I’ve purchased from them. I bought things for my plants through their shop, but they really have something for everyone. I loooove their holiday gifting sets too!
Shop Ecovibe Style here

Little Stamp Co.
Beautiful hand stamped jewelry – at a really affordable price too! This shop is just getting started and I would love for some people to order from her and get her a good head start! Her pieces are beautiful:
Shop Little Stamp Co. on Etsy here

From: Susie
Susie is such a sweet friend, and someone whose business has really grown! I love how she’s changed her business over time, and her products that she carries in the shop are truly beautiful and unique. My mom gets her decor boxes and I’m always impressed by the quality of the items she receives!
Shop From: Susie here

I hope this helps you shop for someone special this holiday season! I know personally that any time there’s a sale from a small business, it helps support families instead of corporations. It helps pay mortgages, get new shoes for their kids, and buy groceries for families. Thank you for your excitement in supporting these small businesses – it means so much to them (and to me!).
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November 26, 2020